Welcome to Piscill World Limited

Piscill World limited® has a core business of facilitating secure online credit-on-demand, for the “Full-Time Salaried Workers” of “Registered Companies” in Ghana.


  1. Credit Worthy (Discretion of E-CODA®™ Officials)
  2. 18- Years Old and Above (Legal Employment Age)
  3. Full-Time Employee of a Piscill World Registered Company


We are registered under the Ghana Companies Code 1963 (Act 179), currently offering secure online short- term credit-on-demand for buying the entire range of personal and domestic needs, and gaining access to personalized convenience services. Registered Office House No. 26 Akutuso Tebibiano, Adj. Maxxon Filling Station, Nungua.

Brief History

Piscill World® was first established in 2015 as a small enterprise, with a core business of wholesale and retail of consumer goods. Business operations were limited to the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. Routine trading activities included the under listed:

  1. Business Facilitation (Connecting Buyers to Sellers)
  2. Executive Selling/ Personalized Marketing of Consumer Products
  3. Processing Website Order Placements (Product Sourcing to Doorstep Delivery)

After two years of business development and market testing, Piscill World Limited® proudly presents E-CODA®™ (e-Credit), an acronym for Electronic Credit-on-Demand Application:
“A Convenient and Secure Online Credit Procurement Solution for Commercially-Active Consumers.”
E-CODA®™ bridges access to the most competitive and widely patronized consumer brands, and empowers E-CODA Shoppers®™ to gain access to their personal or domestic needs on short-term credit basis, to be paid back in convenient instalments over a period of time.


“Looking Beyond the View of Capitalism…; We dare to establish, develop and sustain a credible and economically viable basis for offering commercially-active consumers short-term credit-on-demand, to activate online distribution channels for vibrant consumer market trading activities and delivery of personalized services.”

Mission Statement

“Just Relax and Enjoy the Ride Whilst…; We strive to maintain a clear market leadership position for ¹facilitating short-term credit-on-demand, ²supporting general online trading activities, ³offering personalised customer service and 4providing reliable, timely and professional after-sales support.”

Short-term Objectives

Increasing Consumer Product Accessibility 1. To feature and ensure adequate stock availability for the most competitive and widely patronized brands of consumer products on the market, both online and at the Point-of-Sale. 2. To provide reliable, timely, professional and cost-effective personalized services. 3. To evaluate, register and integrate all well-established companies in Ghana, to enable their full-time employees to take advantage of the E-CODA®™ Secure Online Short-term Credit Procurement Facilities.


Facilitating E-CODA®™ Shoppers’ Wealth Protection To institutionalize an innovative, revolutionary and strategic loyalty program, which will reward E-CODA®™ Shoppers with enhanced financial benefits and facilitate access to a wide range of cross-cutting medium- to long-term consumer needs.

E-CODA®™ Consumer Product Options
Food (Fresh, Frozen or Processed), Drinks, Fashion & Clothing, Beauty & Hair Care, Body Lotions & Cosmetics, Consumer Electronics, Kitchen, Study Room, School & Library, Bedroom , Living Room, Outdoor & Garden, OTC Drugs- Vitamins, Food Supplements, Furniture, Books, Baby Care, Tools & Hardware, Anniversaries & Celebrations, Sports & Leisure”, etc.

Product Range

Value Added Products And Services
Call/ Data Plans, Insurance Policies,Savings/ Investment Bonds, Savings/ Investment Bonds, Pension/ End-of-Service Benefits (ESB’s), Training/ Personal Development Packages,Pregnancy/ Baby Care Products, High-Value Property Acquisitions, Special Events/ Holidays/ Anniversary Packages, Special Events/ Holidays/ Anniversary Pack, Social Responsibility/ Charitable Donations, Jingles Legacy Long-term Fund, etc.

VAPS Range