Convenience Services

Cleaning Services

General cleaning


Furniture, Building, Roof Leakage Repairs, Cabinet Restoration and More.

Aluminium Fabricators

Sliding Windows, Doors, Showcases Fabrication, Repairs and More.

(C) Air-Conditioner, Fridges & Freezer Technic

Installation, Routine Servicing, Repairs and General Consultancy Services.


Water, Sewerage and More


Landscaping, Flowers, Vegetables, Aquaponics, Permaculture and More.


Indoor & Outdoor Painting

Fumigation Expert

Mosquitoes, House Flies, Mice, Cockroaches, Wall Geckos, Bed Bugs, Scorpions, Snakes, Centipedes and More.

Building Contractors

Residential and Commercial

Electrical Experts

House Wiring, Lightening Conductors & Earthing, Bulb/ Fluorescent Tube Replacement, Security Lights, CCTV Systems, Invertors, Socket & Switch Repairs & Replacement, Ceiling/ Standing Fan Repairs and More.

Laundry Services

Clothes Washing, Dry Cleaning, Vacuum Cleaning, Carpet Washing and More.