1.What does E-CODA®™ stand for?

Electronic Credit-on-Demand Application .

2. Who Qualifies for E-CODA®™ Secure Online Credit Facilities?

Full-Time Employees/ Salaried Workers of Well-Established Companies in Ghana

3. How Do I Know Whether My Current Employers are Well-Established?

  1. Legally Registered with All the Relevant Licences/ Permits to Operate
  2. Health, Safety & Environmental Protection Compliance
  3. More than 3- Years of Active Operations in Ghana
  4. Over 250- Full Time Salaried Workers
  5. Aligned Towards Best Practices
  6. Fair Trade Certification

However, the most important ongoing concern, will remain the ability of your current employers to remain in business and pay salaries on time.

4. How Do I Register to Benefit from the E-CODA®™ Secure Online Credit-on-Demand Facility?


  1. Step 1 Open the Web Browser on your Mobile Phone or Online PC/ Computer and enter the Official E-CODA®™ Website Address www.piscillworld.com/gh
  2. Step 2 Click on the [Register Now] button
  3. Step 3 Enter the required information and click on the checkbox beneath the General Terms and Conditions Clause to [Agree].
  4. Step 4 Click on [Submit Registration Form] to proceed to the next stage of the registration process. Your E-CODA®™ Account Number and Default Password (Changeable) will be automatically emailed to your personal email account.

  6. Step 1 Open the Web Browser on your Mobile Phone or Online PC/ Computer and enter the Official E-CODA®™ Website Address www.piscillworld.com/gh
  7. Step 2 Logon with your E-CODA®™ Account Number and Default Password that was emailed to your Personal Email Account
  8. Note: The email address you provided initially (Stage 1 of the E-CODA®™ Shopper Online Registration Process).
  9. Step 3 Click on [Downloads] and select [Employers Guarantee Form] to review your personal/ company details and go through the instructions on how to fill and submit the form. Click on [Print] to print out an “Original Copy” of your unique Employers Guarantee Form, which will display your [Full Name], [Name of Employer], [Employers Code], [Your E-CODA®™ Account Number] and [Date]
  10. Step 4 Fill out your Employers Guarantee Form, Sign/ Thumbprint, Attach the under listed documents and submit filled Employers Guarantee Form to the ECODA®™ Account Representative of your employers for further processing.

  12. 1 Passport Picture (Name at the Back and Endorsed by HR/ E-CODA®™ Account Manager)
  13. 2 Copy of a Valid ID (Passport, Drivers Licence or Voters ID Card)
  14. 3 Proof of Address (Copy of Utility Bill or Tenancy Agreement) .

5. How to Claim Loyalty Reward Stock Items, Acquire Promotional Sales Stock Items and Buy Budget Sales Stock Items on the E-CODA®™ Online Shopping Mall?

  1. Step 1 Open your Web Browser on your phone or pc and go to www.piscillworld.com/gh
  2. Step 2 Logon to the E-CODA®™ Application by entering your [E-CODA®™ Shopper Online Account Number] and [Password] to access your Personalized E-CODA®™ Shopper Online Account.
  3. Step 3 Select the Category of E-CODA®™ Stock Options- Shoppers Delight, Promotions or Budget] and Consumer Product or Service Class that you are interested in and by clicking on the filter options and browse the stock items currently available by Horizontal Scrolling. E-CODA®™ Product Picture and Highlights (Brand, Type, Packaging & RRP, etc.) will be displayed for each entry for quick referencing.
  4. Step 4 Click on your preferred [E-CODA®™ Stock Item] to highlight E-CODA®™ Product, display details and activate the [Add to Wish List] or [Add to Shopping Cart]