E-CODA®™ Credit-on-Demand Application

The E-CODA®™ Credit-on-Demand Application is a secure online credit transaction management portal, which enables Consumer Product Manufacturers, Importers and Upstream Service Providers to indirectly offer secure short-term credit facilities to their potential or loyal customers within the salaried workers market segment of the economy. It leverages the commitment of employers towards enriching their in-house staff welfare and motivation programs (Personalized Corporate Social Responsibility), to generate a basis for offering their “full-time salaried workers” short-term online credit procurement options, to stimulate vibrant commercial activities in the marketplace. This [e-Credit] online application is collectively insured by E-CODA®™ Shoppers, and empowers them to acquire a wide range of consumer products and service packages at their doorsteps (workplaces/ homes), to be charged to their payroll accounts in convenient instalments over a period of time.
[E-CODA Credit Risk Management Policy]

Piscill World in collaboration with [Banking & Insurance Partners], have institutionalized a micro- insurance premium chargeable on the value of credit purchases made by registered customers (or a yearly premium against credit limits), to minimize the risk of offering credit to salaried workers. This policy provides full coverage for the under listed unforeseen circumstances, which may affect the employers ability to pay salaries on time or employees’ eligibility to receive salaries from their employers.

Cash Flow Issues/ Salary Payment Bottle-Necks/ Unpredictable Delays Employers Untimely Declaration of Bankruptcy Natural Disasters/ Force Majeure Employment Termination

E-CODA®™ credit procurement options will be available for the under listed categories of regular “personal” and “domestic” supplies;

E-CODA®™ Personalized Service Options will include;

Emergency Services (First Aid, Vehicle Tow, Tyre/ Battery Replacement, etc.), Call/ Data Plans, Quick Loans, Domestic Water Supply, Beauty & Hair Care, Home Deliveries, Car Wash, House-Keeping (Babysitters, House Boys, Maids & Gardeners), Laundry Services, Shoe Repairs, Vehicle Maintenance, School Bus, Extra Classes, Security Services (Watchmen & Gatemen), Personal Doctor, Nurse, Lawyer, Councillor/ Motivational Speaker, Mentor, etc. Maintaining Uniform High Standards of product/ service quality, will remain the “topmost priority” of the E-CODA®™ Administrators (Piscill World Limited), and will be closely monitored to ensure ongoing E-CODA®™ shoppers’ delight and long-term value-for-money. The E-CODA®™ Credit-on-Demand Application will be extended to the Point-of-Sale (PoS) in the medium-term, to fully-integrate [Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises (SMEs)], [Freelance Entrepreneurs] and [Commercially-Active Consumers] in the informal sector.